Research overview

We are asking questions to advance knowledge and understanding of diabetes through the collaboration of leaders from multiple disciplines under one roof.

Our people are conducting research to clarify the causes of diabetes and to transform their findings into clinical solutions.

nPOD lab

The technologies made available through resources provided by UF and private philanthropy allow our investigators to continue conducting state-of-the-art clinical research trials, moving us closer to a cure for diabetes.

Over the past 40 years, UF research has been fundamental to the understanding of the genetic, immune and metabolic markers associated with type 1 diabetes. Our collaborative approach to understanding type 1 diabetes is backed by an

emphasis that the disease begins long before symptomatic onset. We’re working on all aspects of the disease, from identifying individuals at risk, to reducing complications following onset.

At the UF Diabetes Institute, we are working to unlock the mysteries of type 2 diabetes and its complications, and identifying risk factors and innovating new ways to treat, educate, and ultimately prevent the disease.

Undergraduate Research Interest

Research Facts & Figures

1 World’s top recipient of JDRF research funding

$49.7 million Total diabetes-related research funding

1 Oversees the world’s largest type 1 diabetes project