The UF Diabetes Institute is pleased to offer a member benefit package and an online membership process.

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UFDI members support our mission by fostering new collaborations among our vast array of research areas, helping to strengthen research, broaden our impact and secure grant funding.

Membership is open to UF faculty, fellows, residents, graduate/undergraduate students and research staff.

UFDI faculty members are encouraged to declare indirect costs (IDCs) to the UFDI at the time of grant awards. We also ask members to please include the UFDI in their affiliations on all publications to allow us to accurately track and report on all of our successes.

Member benefits include:

  • Eligibility for travel awards
  • Support for research and publications
  • Eligibility for pilot study awards
  • Participation and information regarding UFDI-sponsored activities
  • Receipt of newsletters and information about funding opportunities, events & more
  • Addition of biography to our directory