Diabetes Research

University of Florida doctoral candidates and research fellows will present type 1 diabetes research findings during the 30th Annual Pediatric Science Days on March 8, 2012. Consider attending one of the following sessions taking place in the Health Sciences Communicore Building, Room C1-9:

11:00 AM: Courtney Myhr “Increased IL-18 Pathway Phenotypes are Associated with Human Type 1 Diabetes”

11:15 AM: Yaima Lightfoot “Markers of Beta Cell Dysfunction in Inflammation Persists in Subjects with Established Type 1 Diabetes”

11:30 AM: Dustin Blanton “Identification and Characterization of Splice Variants of Interleukin-2 in the NOD Mouse”

To learn more about the diabetes research program at the University of Florida, please follow this link.