New Diabetes Technology

New Technology

MyCareConnect is a free internet tool for communicating type 1 diabetes information among parents, school nurses, and health care providers via email and text messages. BlueLoop is the mobile version of MyCareConnect and allows iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch owners the ability to document, store and share diabetes information realtime: blood glucose, carbohydrates, medication (insulin, Lantus, Metformin, etc.), notes and more, enabling you to stay in the loop with a quick and easy process.  Download the free iPhone App today! You can learn more about how MyCareConnect works by watching this video or visiting their Web site.

JewelPUMP 1
From JewelPUMP’s maker, Debiotech: “The JewelPUMP is a miniaturized Patch-pump with 500U insulin for up to 7 days use. The disposable unit is filled once and discarded entirely after use, while the controller unit (incl. the electronics) can be used for 2 years, making it the most cost effective and environmental friendly disposable pump for diabetes care.”

JewelPUMP 2
From Debiotech: “The JewelPUMP 2 takes all the advantages of the JewelPUMP platform, while addressing very specific needs for Type 2 patients, including extreme simplicity of use and convenience, as well as real-time remote communication for the necessary compliance surveillance and patient assistance, while making it very discreet, more comfortable and easier to use than a pen.”

WellDoc “BlueStar” Diabetes Management App for iPhone
WellDoc BlueStar is the first disease therapy to be prescribed through an app; designed to enable care providers to extend their care beyond traditional office visits by utilizing mobile phones and the Internet.  This program targets adults with Type 2 Diabetes, and uses automated clinical coaching and behavioral algorithms driven by real-time patient data.


CalorieKing, the leading provider of food awareness tools for weight management has a Mobile Web Site The site allows anyone with an Internet-enabled mobile phone or smartphone to search CalorieKing’s 50,000 item food database for details including calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein and more.

iPhone Apps

Please visit our page on Top-Rated Diabetes Apps, committed to bringing you the latest and best apps in diabetes-related management and technology.

Android Apps

OnTrack Diabetes – Free

Average Rating from users on the Android Marketplace: 4.5/5 Bars

OnTrack is an application to help diabetics manage their diabetes by tracking various items such as glucose, exercise, food, medication, blood pressure (BP), pulse and weight. (Courtesy of GExperts Inc)

Reviews (from the Android Marketplace):
“Very good for tracking blood sugars. Not complicated to enter data.”

“It will estimate your A1C with surprising accuracy.”


eDiabetes Pro – $0.99

Average Rating from users on the Android Marketplace: 4.75/5 Bars

eDiabetes Pro shows you how exercise, diet, insulin doses and unexpected events affect blood glucose levels. These insights may help you in achieving tighter control. (Courtesy of Physiosensing, Inc.)

Reviews (from the Android Marketplace):
“Great app – allows you to edit type & dose of med, charts are helpful BUT it would be better if you could email the info.”