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The Many Faces of Diabetes: How team-based care is changing diabetes treatment

Published: Feb 3rd, 2017

UFDI hosts weekly community wellness walks in early 2017

Published: Feb 3rd, 2017

Low Activity, High Blood Sugar? UF researcher examines diabetes screening guidelines

Published: Feb 3rd, 2017

Walk Alachua County

Published: Jan 1st, 2017

Meet Our Team

Published: Dec 21st, 2016

The University of Florida Diabetes Diabetes Institute is comprised of over 150 affiliate faculty members, all collaborating to solve the epidemic we call diabetes. These faculty members are working tirelessly to […]

Diabetes is an invisible epidemic- Desmond Schatz

Published: Dec 16th, 2016

UF researchers discover link between ZIP14 and NTBI

Published: Dec 7th, 2016

We found that overexpression of ZIP14 and ZIP8, but not DMT1, resulted in increased NTBI uptake by βlox5 cells, a human β cell line. Conversely, siRNA-mediated knockdown of ZIP14, but […]


Published: Nov 30th, 2016


Published: Oct 18th, 2016


Published: Aug 26th, 2016

Our mission is simple: to work together to see a world free from diabetes. Our Diabetes Institute is institution-wide at the University of Florida, and we’re an unstoppable force for the […]