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Researchers seeking to connect type 1 diabetes and cleanliness

Research suggests there may be a connection between less hygienic conditions in childhood and lower rates of type 1 diabetes. Is Finland's population the key to unlocking this mystery? Read the latest in a recent article from the Washington Post.

UF Health Diabetes Faculty present at IDS 2013

Four distinguished UF Health diabetes experts will be heading 'Down Under' to Australia during the first week of December to highlight Type 1 diabetes (T1D) research work at the 13th International Congress of the Immunology Diabetes Society (IDS) in Lorne, Australia.

The T1D Exchange Clinic Registry Experience

In a new study co-authored by UF Diabetes Faculty, researchers noted markedly different diabetes self-management techniques between children with excellent glycemic control and their poor-glycemic counterparts. This knowledge, made possible by the T1D Exchange Network, may help improve glycemic control among current and future type 1 diabetes patients.

Patient Profile: Meet Sydney Thomas

The UF Diabetes Center of Excellence gives parents a crash course on taking care of a child with diabetes with doctors keeping close tabs on their patients between appointments. Meet one of our special patients, Sydney Thomas, and learn about the ways the DCOE can assist you.

What does GRAS have to do with Diabetes?

You can listen to an interview on Diabetes Radio with Mark Atkinson, PhD, Desmond Schatz, MD, and Robert Levine, MD, or read about GRAS in the American Diabetes Association publication, Diabetes.

Doing Battle with Diabetes

"UF works to unlock causes and cures so kids like Matt Danner won’t be sidelined by their disease." Florida Magazine recently featured an article highlighting the UF Diabetes Center researchers, physicians, and a special patient, Matt Danner.

T1D Exchange Clinical Registry

Study Name: T1D Exchange Clinical Registry Principal Investigators: Desmond Schatz, M.D. and Janet H. Silverstein, M.D. Study Coordinator: Erica Dougherty Phone: (352) 334-0281 Email: What is the T1D exchange? This study is being done to learn more about type 1 diabetes. The study involves the collection of information about…

UF’s Champion for Kids with Diabetes

"Camp makes a huge difference," said Silverstein, the camp's longtime medical director. "Each child thinks he or she is the only person in the world struggling with the disease. Then there's a whole cabin full of kids who also have to take insulin injections and check their blood glucose levels and have to worry about low blood glucose with exercise."


Note: This study is no longer recruiting new participants.  Study Name: Consortium for Identification of Environmental Triggers: Triggers and Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) Study Principal Investigator: Desmond Schatz, M.D. Phone: 352-334-0843 Toll free: 877-343-2377 What is the TEDDY Study? The TEDDY Study…