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Adult diabetes and endocrinology clinics at the University of Florida are dedicated to high-quality patient care and helping individuals achieve the best results possible. Our team of experts unites researchers and clinicians working together to prevent, diagnose and treat diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity, as well as a number of secondary complications including fatty liver, kidney and liver disorders, heart and vascular disease and eye disease.

How to Make an Appointment

Type 1 diabetes(352) 265-0139 | Type 2 diabetes(352) 273-8655

Diabetes Education

The UF Health Diabetes Education Program helps individuals take control of type 2 diabetes with the latest advancements in self-management education and medical care. Adults can be referred to the program by their primary care physician or endocrinologist and the courses are taught by certified diabetes educators and other health care professionals. To schedule an appointment, call (352) 265-8548.

UF Health Fitness and Wellness Center trainers aim to help people achieve healthy and fit lifestyles that can last a lifetime. Whether just improving your fitness level, recovering from an injury or managing diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, UF Health Fitness and Wellness Center is there to help.

Lipid Toxicity and Related Liver Complications

Led by Kenneth Cusi, M.D., of the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, UF Health specializes in the treatment and management of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and type 2 diabetes. The presence of NAFLD may play a pathogenic role, or at least be a hallmark of future type 2 diabetes. It is likely that this condition carries an inherent health risk to many T2D patients. UF clinicians are able to screen patients for NAFLD early enough to help prevent future type 2 onset as well as reduce risk factors for a number of other complications.

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