Take Charge of Your Diabetes

Take Charge of Your Diabetes (TCYD) is an in-depth Extension-based, collaborative diabetes self-management education (DSME) program targeted to adults with type 2 diabetes. The program is designed to improve blood glucose control and quality of life, and reduce long-term health risks of persons with diabetes by providing the information and motivation they need to adopt positive behavior changes.

TCYD Lessons

Lesson 1.  What is Diabetes?

Lesson 2.  Keeping Track of Blood Glucose

Lesson 3.  Diabetes Medications

Lesson 4.  Nutritional Management of Diabetes

Lesson 5.  Carbohydrate Counting

Lesson 6.  Exercise and Physical Activity

Lesson 7.  Standards of Medical Care

Lesson 8.  Cardiovascular Disease

Lesson 9.  Foot Care and Setting Goals

Class Reunion (6-week follow-up)

Grand Finale (3-month follow-up)

Contact Information

Linda BobroffLinda B. Bobroff, Ph.D., RD
Professor Emerita
Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences
University of Florida
Twitter: @LBobroff