2021-2022 Seminars

Clayton Mathews, Ph.D., Professor in the Department of Pathology at University of Florida.

Seminar Title: “Identifying The Roles of Mitochondria in Type 1 Diabetes”.

Oct 26th, 12-1p.m., online

Clayton Mathews PHD

Korey Hood, Ph.D., Professor of pediatrics at Stanford University

Seminar Title: “Uptake and Use of Diabetes Devices: Optimizing Health and Quality of Life outcome”.

Dec 13th, 12-1p.m., online

Korey Hood, PHD

Rochelle Naylor, M.D., assistant professor of pediatrics and medicine at university of chicago

Seminar Title: “Monogenic Diabetes- The Path from Diagnosis to Precision Medicine”

Jan 25th, 1-2p.m., online

Rochelle Naylor, MD

ashley butler, Ph.D., Associate professor at baylor college of medicine

Seminar Title: “Equitable Approaches to Family-Based Psychosocial Care for African American and Latinx Families of Children with T1D”

Feb 28th, 12-1p.m.

Ashley Butler, Ph.D.

Kenneth Moritsugu, m.d., MPH, FACPM, USPHS (Ret), Former Acting Surgeon General of the United States

Seminar Title: “Life trajectory of diabetes: kidney failure, and the need for organ donation and transplantation”

April 11th, 12-1p.m.

Dr. Moritsugu