T32 Trainees

University of Florida PhD students can apply to the T1D T32 by contacting Dr. Benjamin Keselowsky for application materials. The T32 Executive Committee will evaluate each applicant for academic standing and commitment to T1D research. Selected trainees will be appointed to the T32 beginning in August for a period of up to four years (contingent on satisfactory progress). Applicants must be US Citizens or permanent residents.

Current Trainees

Biochemistry & Molecular biology

Anna Rushin

Anna studies exocrine pancreas metabolism in Type 1 Diabetes using a novel pancreas perfusion system under the mentorship of Dr. Matthew Merritt.

Anna Rushin

immunology & Microbiology

Miguel Medina-Serpas

Miguel’s project is focused on characterizing the follicular helper T-cell (Tfh) response in the secondary lymphatic tissue of human donors across the natural progression of T1D under the mentorship of Dr. Todd Brusko.

A headshot of Miguel Medina-Serpas.

Biomedical engineering

Taylor Lansberry

Taylor’s current project involves engineering an islet implant device to treat Type 1 Diabetes under the mentorship of Dr. Cherie Stabler.

A headshot of Taylor Lansberry.

Biomedical Engineering

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel’s research employs cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to delve into the intricate relationship between Type 1 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementia (ADRD).

A photo of Daniel Rodriguez

T1D T32 Fellows receive a biweekly stipend, set annually by the NIH, that coincides with UF’s payroll schedule. T32 Fellows also receive $1,000 annually for travel and professional development activities. As part of the T1D T32, Fellows must participate in the Immunology Journal Club, the Diabetes Data Club, T1D-relevant seminars at the Genetics Institute, and the Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series.

Former Trainees


Name and Degree





Joshua StewartJoshua Stewart, PhDA dual-sized microparticle system for inducing immune tolerance in autoimmunityBenjamin Keselowsky, PhDConsultantCharles River Associates
Melanie ShapiroMelanie Shapiro, PhDInsulin-like growth factors as biomarkers with immunological impacts on the development of T1DMark Atkinson, PhD and Todd Brusko, PhDPostdoc Assoc
University of Florida
Andrea LinAndrea Lin, PhDImmune changes with ATG+GCSF therapy and Its impacts on C-peptide preservation in T1DClayton Mathews, PhD, Michael Haller, MD, and Benjamin Keselowsky, PhDMedical Science LiaisonEMD Serono, Inc.
Nicholas AbuidNicholas Abuid, PhDEngineering cerium oxide nanoparticle coatings for antioxidant/anti-inflammatory protection of biomaterials and tissue graftsCherie Stabler, PhD Postdoc AssocUniversity of Florida
Lucas ArmitageLucas Armitage, PhDPTPN22 regulates induced MHC-II expression in macrophagesMark Wallet, PhD and Clayton Mathews, PhD Postdoc AssocUniversity of Colorado, Denver
Elliott DirrElliott Dirr, PhDTreatment of cardiometabolic dysfunction using targeted parasympathetic neuromodulationKevin Otto, PhDPostdoc AssocUniversity of Toledo
Matthew BeckerMatthew Becker, PhDAdvancing Therapies that Target the PD-1/PD-L1 Pathway for Type 1 Diabetes Autoimmunity Edward Phelps, PhDPostdoc AssocArizona State University
Leeana PetersLeeana Peters, PhDIdentification of Adaptive Immune Signatures and Dysregulated Pathways in Type 1 Diabetes Todd Brusko, PhD and Cherie Stabler, PhDPostdoc AssocUniversity of Florida
Alexander KwiatkowskiAlexander Kwiatkowski, PhD A tolerogenic dual microparticle system for treatment of multiple sclerosisBenjamin Keselowsky, PhDPostdoc AssocVanderbilt University
Mollie HuberMollie Huber, BSInvestigating type 1 diabetes pathogenesis with the live pancreas tissue slice platformMark Atkinson, PhD and Clayton Mathews, PhDPre-doctoral Fellow (NIH F31)University of Florida
Magdalena SamojlikMagdalena Samojlik, BSEngineering a dynamic three-dimensional in vitro platform for the investigation of human Type 1 Diabetes immunopathogenesisCherie Stabler, PhD and Clayton Mathews, PhDPre-doctoral Fellow (NIH F31)University of Florida
A photo of Chris Ludtka.Christopher Ludtka, BSAngiogenic and inflammatory responses of endothelial cells and immune cells such as macrophages to unique environments and stimuli including utilizing simulated microgravity as a potentially pro-angiogenic culture environment, drug responses for cardiovascular applications, as well as sex-based differences studiesJosephine Allen, PhDGraduate AssistantUniversity of Florida