T32 Mentors

Veterinary medicine

Allison O’Kell, DVM

Comparing T1D pathogenesis using untargeted metabolomic analysis

Allison O'Kell

Biomedical Engineering

Benjamin Keselowsky, PhD

Designing dendritic cell behavior modifiers using antigen-loaded nanoparticles to prevent and reverse T1D

Benjamin Keselowsky

Biomedical Engineering

Cherie Stabler, PhD

Addressing islet transplantation complications with novel immunomodulatory biomaterials 

Cherie Stabler

Immunology and Microbiology

Clayton Mathews, PhD

Investigating pancreatic islet microenvironments in human donor tissue 

Clayton Mathews


Clive Wasserfall, PhD

Applying pancreatic characteristics to T1D histopathology

Clive Wasserfall

Genetics AND Genomics

Desmond Schatz, PhD

Forestalling T1D by using genetics to identify high-risk children to receive preventative oral insulin

Desmond Schatz

Biomedical Engineering

Edward Phelps, PhD

Investigating the role of pancreatic islets in beta cell dysfunction & autoimmunity in T1D

Edward Phelps

Immunology AND Microbiology

Emily Moser, PhD

Measuring the effect of basal insulin therapy through continuous glucose monitoring in primary care

Emily Moser

Materials Science AND Engineering

Erika Moore, PhD

Designing materials to manipulate the role of macrophages in mediating T1D 

Erika Moore

Health Outcomes AND Implementation Science

Francois Modave, PhD

Creating educational tools and mobile apps to facilitate the management of pediatric T1D 

Francois Modave

Biomedical Engineering

Gregory Hudalla, PhD

Incorporating nanomaterials in the design of T1D immunotherapies

Gregory Hudalla

Animal sciences

John Driver, PhD

Examination of CD70’s role in T1D pathogenesis

John Driver

Microbiology AND Cell Science

Joseph Larkin, PhD

Manipulating gut bacteria to prime diabetogenic T cells

Joseph Larkin

Clinical AND health psychology

Kimberly Driscoll, PhD

Centering the psychology of T1D patients and families to understand & predict their usage of novel management and treatment tools

Kimberly Driscoll


Laura Jacobsen, MD

Translating findings from large-scale longitudinal T1D studies into pediatric care 

Laura Jacobsen


Laurence Morel, PhD

Evaluating the role of cell metabolism and gut dysbiosis in autoimmune diseases

Laurence Morel

Nursing Sciences

Lisa Scarton, PhD, BSN

Examining the American Indian experience of T1D

Lisa Scarton


Lyle Moldawer, PhD

Exploring the role of reactive oxygen species in T1D pathogenesis

Lyle Moldawer


Mark Atkinson, PhD

Fine-tuning T1D diagnoses with machine learning and genetic analysis

Mark Atkinson

Veterinary Medicine

Martha Campbell Thompson, PhD

Determining how pancreatic characteristics impact the likelihood of developing T1D 

Martha Campbell-Thompson

Biochemistry AND Molecular Biology

Matthew Merritt, PhD

Measuring metabolic flux with isotope tracers and performing NMR and GC-MS metabolomics to assess metabolic homeostasis

Matthew Merritt


Michael Haller, MD

Incorporating machine learning algorithms and digital pathology techniques in the study of T1D

Michael Haller


Rhonda Bacher, PhD

Evaluating the impact of insulin-like growth factors and autoantibody titers on T1D pathogenesis

Rhonda Bacher

Biomedical Engineering

Ruogu Fang, PhD

Adapting clinical Natural Language Processing to provide early detection of diabetic retinopathy

Ruogu Fang

Genetics AND Genomics

Patrick Concannon, PhD

Analyzing genetic ancestry and sibships to identify rare variants at play in T1D

Patrick Concannon


Todd Brusko, PhD

Modeling T1D pathogenesis using isogenic cellular systems

Todd Brusko

Mechanical AND Aerospace Engineering

W. Gregory Sawyer, PhD

Imaging disease progression with 3D in vitro systems

W. Gregory Sawyer