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New CDC Reports Show Obesity Rates Continue to Climb: How Can We Make it Stop

Published: Jun 17th, 2016

University of Florida obesity and nutrition researcher Dr. Michelle Cardel explores the CDC’s new obesity reports and what we can do about them.

Desmond Schatz

ADA President, Medicine & Science, makes fiery plea to stop diabetes

Published: Jun 16th, 2016

In a fiery address Sunday morning, Desmond Schatz, MD, ADA’s President, Medicine & Science, called diabetes the “epidemic of the 21st century” and urged diabetes care providers to do more […]

Missing The Signs

Published: Jun 2nd, 2016

Originally appeared in The Post, June 2016. Written by Jill Pease. “Doctors aren’t diagnosing or treating most cases of prediabetes, UF study finds.”

A Recipe For a Healthy Community

Published: Jun 2nd, 2016

Originally appeared in The Post, June 2016. Written by Doug Bennett “A UF Health program helps North Florida eat well, access health care and participate in research.”

Clayton Mathews, Ph.D. Recognized by University of Florida Research Foundation

Published: May 24th, 2016

Originally appeared in UF News, April 2016 Clayton Mathews, Ph.D., a professor in the College of Medicine, was recently named by the University of Florida Research Foundation as one of 34 […]

UFDI investigators cited in two new type 1 diabetes studies

Published: Feb 8th, 2016

Desmond Schatz, M.D. and Bimota Nambam, Ph.D. recently released new publications. Both investigators co-authored Immune Intervention in Type 1 Diabetes, which reviews recently published immune interventional and mechanistic studies in […]

C-Myc regulation by costimulatory signals modulates the generation of CD8+ memory T cells during viral infection

Published: Jan 24th, 2016

UFDI Investigator Shahram Salek-Ardakani, Ph.D. and collaborators identified c-Myc as a key controller of memory CD8+ T cells from costimulatory signals.

Type 1 diabetes through two lenses: comparing adolescent and parental perspectives with photos

Published: Jan 24th, 2016

‘Photovoice’ (photos and captions) was used in this UF study to illustrate the differences in perspective between adolescents and parents regarding living with a child with T1D. The results showcase […]

Navigating School With Diabetes

Published: Jan 20th, 2016

The New York Times recently published a feature on the challenges children with type 1 diabetes face in school- read a collection of several parents’ stories here.

UFDI Investigator Desmond Schatz, M.D. announced President of Medicine & Science for the American Diabetes Association

Published: Jan 13th, 2016

Dr. Schatz is the Medical Director of the Diabetes Center, Professor and Associate Chairman of Pediatrics and Director of the Clinic Research Center at University of Florida.