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Specific Goals

  1. Support, promote, and coordinate events throughout the year including glucose screenings, monthly seminars, fundraisers, executive council meetings, and lab tours
  2. Assist with the logistics of National Diabetes Awareness Month (November)
  3. Serve as the face of the UFDI through tours and events
  4. Work closely with the UFDI Assistant Director and Operations and Engagement Coordinator
  5. Develop ideas for future outreach events, fundraisers, socials, etc.


  • Receive a book scholarship
  • Enhance teamwork and communication skills
  • Have the opportunity to work with faculty, staff, and students across campus
  • Gain a unique experience to post on your resume and discuss in future interviews


  • Must be currently enrolled as a student (undergraduate or graduate) at the University of Florida
  • Must be able to commit at least 25-30 hours/year (combination of monthly meetings and events). We require that you to attend 80% of monthly meetings during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was this program created?

While the UFDI is the umbrella organization under which diabetes research, patient care, education, and outreach are coordinated at UF, much of the Institute is comprised of physicians, professors, and researchers. There has never been a formal group dedicated to running the behind-the-scenes of the multitude of events that the assistant director and operations and engagement coordinator organize.

Do I have to be a certain major or pre-health to apply?

No, we welcome students of all majors and all areas of study!

Do I need to have a connection to diabetes to serve as a UFDI Student Ambassador? 

You do not need to have a connection to diabetes to be an ambassador! We look forward to helping you learn more about diabetes, and you certainly will learn a lot as a UFDI Student Ambassador.

Are there any leadership opportunities within the program?

Yes, there will be a president, vice president and a secretary. The president will be responsible for organizing and leading the monthly meetings. The vice president will be responsible for assisting the president in organizing the monthly meetings. The secretary will be responsible for taking meeting minutes and distributing them to the student ambassadors after the meeting.

For more information or questions about the UFDI Student Ambassador program, please email

Application and Selection Processes

Applications for the 2022-2023 UFDI Student Ambassador Program are currently open.

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