Shweta Kulkarni

SA Flyer

What are your career & professional goals? I am a doctoral candidate in the College of Medicine. Upon my graduation I would like to work in the field of medical affairs to enhance clinical and translational biomedical research.

Why did you join the UFDI ambassador program? As a graduate student doing research in the field of Type 1 Diabetes I wanted to get more involved in outreach activities to inform the community about diabetes and it’s related therapies and new treatment strategies. The UFDI student ambassador program aims to support the growth and improvement of diabetes research and therapies done within the UFDI with creative outreach initiatives. Hence I decided to join this wonderful group of people.

How has being a UFDI ambassador impacted you? Being a UFDI ambassador has made me more aware of the needs of our community. It has helped me understand that more dissemination of information regarding diabetes needs to reach our society so that people can make better lifestyle, medical, psychological and social decisions. As ambassadors our aim to truly take the mission of UFDI which is to prevent, diagnose and treat diabetes forward in positive and healthy manner.

What has been you favorite quarantine pastime? My favorite quarantine pastime has been to read a lot of books, meditate and participate in various virtual workouts.