Sam Huber

SA Flyer

What are your career & professional goals? After graduation I am planning on going to grad school for a masters in museum studies. After that my goal is to work as a museum curator.

Why did you join the UFDI ambassador program? I have lived with Type One Diabetes since I was 3 years old, and I think it is something that people have a lot of misconceptions about. As a student ambassador I can help spread awareness about Type One Diabetes, and the research being done at the UFDI.

How has being a UFDI ambassador impacted you? Being a UFDI ambassador is one of the most fulfilling things that I have been a part of during my time at the University of Florida. It has introduced me to a community of people that are working to improve the lives of those who live with Diabetes. It has broadened my sense of the T1D community that is at UF and has helped me see different perspectives of living with T1D.

What has been you favorite quarantine pastime? Zooming with friends and watching movies.