Jane Hufnagel

SA Flyer

What are your career & professional goals? After graduation, I plan to pursue my goal of going to medical school and becoming a healthcare physician. I have always wanted to become a pediatrics physician due to my love of working with children. In addition, I am interested in specializing in endocrinology due to my passion for diabetes.

Why did you join the UFDI ambassador program? What most attracted me to the UFDI ambassador program was my passion for Type 1 Diabetes and excitement to find other students who are living with this condition. So many individuals are not educated on what Type 1 Diabetes is, and therefore I believe it is important to have ambassadors present to advocate for the UFDI. This, as well as the support group that this program provides for students is what made me want to join the UFDI ambassador program.

How has being a UFDI ambassador impacted you? Being a UFDI ambassador has positively impacted me by exposing me to a support group of like-minded students who are interested in advocating for the same cause. It has helped me improve my leadership skills by making me more confident and comfortable with speaking to others about Type 1 Diabetes. In addition, it has provided me with amazing experiences by allowing me to attend JDRF conferences and expanding my knowledge of diabetes through networking with people in this field.

What has been you favorite quarantine pastime? My favorite quarantine pastime has been finding and baking new recipes for low-carb desserts as well as practicing yoga to keep my mind centered and focused on my goals.