February 24, 2014

Bridging Disciplines - Diabetes Faculty Profile

Bridging Disciplines- 

See the latest online issue of UF Explore magazine for an in-depth profile of DCE Affiliated Investigator Pat Concannon, PhD, director of the UF Genetics Institute. Concannon has a formal connection with the DCE in addition to being a genetics investigator; pages 22-27.

Ryan Reed Debuts in NASCAR Nationwide Series

Ryan Reed Daytona Debut in NASCAR Nationwide Series

NASCAR’s 2014 racing calendar will feature Ryan Reed, an incredibly talented driver who never let his type 1 diabetes diagnosis slow him down. Reed, now age 20, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 17. Ryan is a leading figure in the American Diabetes Association’s Drive to Stop Diabetes℠ campaign and also currently serves on the Leadership Council for the UF Health Diabetes Center of Excellence. 


UF Rising to National Preeminence with Diabetes Research 

UF is striving for international prominence in the kind of science that could lead to all-new breakthroughs in preventing and curing diabetes. Preeminence Term Professor Mark A. Atkinson, PhD, will be awarded $25,000 to hire research assistants, purchase equipment, participate in special training, travel, collaborate on work and invest in other means of support that enhance research.

As part of UF's Preeminence Plan, the state has awarded UF $15 million a year for five years to support its drive for national preeminence. The University will allocate a portion of that amount to support both new and existing faculty with 107 more endowed faculty chairs and professorships.   Dr. Atkinson's interdisciplinary work in the field of type 1 diabetes is a highlight example of UF rising to the top.

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Geography of Gut Microbiome Linked to Obesity

Increases in latitude are linked to more cases of obesity-linked gut bacteria, according to a recent meta-analysis in the journal Biology Letters. "Differences in bacteria may be needed to adapt to different environments," according to authors. 

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic Spreads to Developing World

A closer look at ownership of common household devices such as televisions, cars, and computers in developing countries reveals an increased likelihood of obesity and diabetes, according to an an international study published in CMAJ.

New Cell-Based Therapy Approach to T1D

New Cell-Based Therapy Approach to T1D

Researchers at U. of California San Francisco are a step closer to developing a stem-cell based treatment for type 1 diabetes. Reprogramming skin cells into mature pancreas-like cells may offer a therapeutic alternative for T1D patients. 

New CEU's Expand Diabetes Education to State Public Health Employees

Expanding Diabetes Education

The UF College of Public Health and Health Professions is offering a set of FREE online CEU courses for Florida Public Health Workers seeking to provide an overview of diabetes that includes testing, blood sugar levels, and new developments in research. The 2nd installment in the series will be made available online next month.

Technology Corner:

Lifescan Releases Bluetooth Enabled Blood Glucose Monitor

LifeScan recently announced that its OneTouch VerioSync system is now Bluetooth-enabled so that it automatically shares its readings with paired smartphones for easy tracking of blood glucose readings. See the recent interview with David DeJonghe, LifeScan’s Worldwide Director of Marketing. 

Ambassador Profile

UF Alum Mike Nazzaro is an American music industry executive with over 15 years in the field. In 2010 he founded Type One Records and Talent Management setting out to provide a non-traditional approach to the way we discover and consume music. Mr. Nazzaro has been instrumental in breaking the POP careers of Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Jay Sean, Kevin Rudolf, Hinder, Owl City, The Fray, Natasha Beddingfield and Amy Winehouse, selling over 100 million digital singles combined.  Nazzaro, a type 1 diabetic since the age of 16, works with the entertainment division of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in New York, NY, and also currently serves on the Leadership Council for the UF Health Diabetes Center of Excellence. 

The Faces of Diabetes

There are many people with diabetes who have become famous, and they all have something in common -- they have not let their condition get in the way of success. Remember, don't let diabetes stop you from pursuing your ambitions! Here is our profile for this week: 

Charlie Kimball

29 year-old IndyCar race car driver Charlie Kimball reaches speeds of 220 mph, wears fire-resistant shoes, and pricks his finger 6-8 times a day. Diagnosed at age 22 with type 1, Charlie is paving the way for people with diabetes as the first licensed driver with diabetes in IndyCar history. He even has a specially designed race car helping him manage his T1D behind the wheel! Be on the lookout for him in the upcoming Florida Saint Petersburg Grand Prix. 

Just one more thing...

We're happy to report that the Network for Pancreatic Donor (nPOD) 2014 Annual Meeting, February 23-26, Atlantic Beach, FL reached capacity this year! There is much anticipation for this event and we look forward to sharing highlights with you in an upcoming edition of our e-Newsletter. 

nPOD is an innovative program that provides scientists from around the world with high-resolution tissue samples from organ donors who have consented to advance a cure through the gift of research. More online.