ADA Now Accepting 2021 Board Member and Elect-Officer Applications

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Board of Directors Now Accepting
2021 Board Member and Elect-Officer Applications
The Board of Directors of the American Diabetes Association is seeking accomplished leaders who want to make a difference for the 34 million Americans living with diabetes and the millions of scientists, health care professionals and caregivers who support them.
Each year, the Board has a select few roles for leaders to serve. The Board is seeking senior-level business leaders as well as noted scientific and health care leaders from diverse backgrounds with experience working in under-served communities and a strong desire to deliver on the ADA’s promise to people living with diabetes.
Ensuring a strong, diverse volunteer leadership is crucial to the success of our organization and we are currently accepting applications for the following Officer and Board Member positions:
  • Member, National Board of Directors
  • Chair of the Board-Elect
  • President-Elect, Health Care & Education
  • President-Elect, Medicine & Science
  • Secretary/Treasurer-Elect
Please apply or encourage someone you know to apply. The Board requests that applicants submit their application materials prior to Sunday, September 13, 2020 (8 p.m. EST). Individuals interested in submitting an electronic application for a Board Member or Officer position may visit the Call for Applications website at
If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Tiffany Ingram, Chief of Staff and Board Liaison at ext. 2002 or
Jennifer Von Willer
Manager, Professional Engagement
American Diabetes Association