UFDI investigators cited in two new type 1 diabetes studies

Desmond Schatz, M.D. and Bimota Nambam, Ph.D. recently released new publications.

Both investigators co-authored Immune Intervention in Type 1 Diabetes, which reviews recently published immune interventional and mechanistic studies in T1D subjects. The highlighted publications consist of primary (before the development of islet autoantibodies) and secondary prevention studies (islet autoantibody positive but before the development of clinical diabetes) as well as in new-onset patients and, more recently, in patients with established diabetes.

Dr. Schatz collaborated on The HLA-DRB1*15:01-DQA1*01:02-DQB1*06:02 haplotype protects autoantibody-positive relatives from type 1 diabetes throughout the stages of disease progression study, which examines stages in the natural history of T1D development this haplotype affords protection. The study looked at 3,358 autoantibody-positive relatives of T1D patients in the Pathway to Prevention (PTP) Study of the Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet. The PTP study examines risk factors for T1D and disease progression in relatives. Investigators found that the haplotype spans from autoantibody development through all stages of progression, and relatives with this allele only rarely develop T1D.