Innovative Program Fosters Collaboration Among FL Diabetes Experts


A new initiative in Florida seeks to accelerate advancements in diabetes care and research through a collaboration of some of the state’s largest hospitals and academic universities.

Backed by several U.S. News nationally ranked programs, the ONE Florida Consortium leverages the scientific leadership of a diverse group of physicians and investigators representing the fields of type1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

ONE Florida has the potential to improve health outcomes for diabetes patients through an enhanced research and development platform. The consortium will foster new synergistic relationships between eight major diabetes institutions from around the state, including the University of Florida. Members from participating organizations will engage in annual seminar sessions about the latest advancements and treatment options in patient care, as well as information on clinical trials, and state-wide events held throughout the year.

Currently, there are over 1.7 million Floridians with diabetes, and Florida has the second highest aggregate costs attributed to diabetes in the country.

One ongoing highlight will be a featured listing of all organizations’ clinical trials on one central site in a concerted effort to improve patient recruitment.

The ONE Florida Consortium includes: Florida Hospital, the University of South Florida, The JAEB Center for Health Research, Nemours Hospital in Jacksonville, University of Florida, Munroe Regional Medical Center, the Sanford-Burnham Research Institute, and the Diabetes Research Institute in Miami.