Lisa Scarton, PhD, RN

Lisa ScartonPost-doctoral Associate
Behavioral Nursing Science
College of Nursing

BSN, Indiana University
Ph.D., Indiana University

Keywords: Family interventions, Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetes Management, Underserved Populations, American Indian/Alaska Natives, Cancer and Diabetes


Dr. Lisa Scarton is a post-doctoral associate at the University of Florida, College of Nursing.  Dr. Scarton’s research focuses on type 2 diabetes and family interventions with an emphasis on the American Indian/Alaska Native population.  Her dissertation research with family caregivers of persons with type 2 diabetes has underscored the importance the entire family plays in diabetes management and in turn has widened her focus to include the entire family. She is also initiating research on issues for families affected by cancer and type 2 diabetes.

“What If” Questions

  • What if we could decrease diabetes health disparities in the American Indian/Alaska Native population?
  • What if we had a better understanding of the link between diabetes and cancer risk?