UF Students with Diabetes

Are you a UF student with diabetes? Are you struggling to find your niche on campus or find a way to enjoy all these wonderful college experiences without jeopardizing your health? Students with Diabetes (SWD) is a fun, educational and interactive group developed just for you! The SWD program provides entertaining and interactive education related to diabetes, and the monthly meetings provide students with the tools and information they need to successfully enjoy their college experience while managing their diabetes in a healthy way.

The program helps students embrace new ways to manage their health and interact with healthcare professionals that have devoted their lives to improving the lives of those with diabetes. At each monthly meeting students meet with others with diabetes, listen and possibly share experiences, see and try new equipment, and probably make some new friends. There are new topics of discussion at each meeting, some of which have been blood glucose monitoring, exercise, carb counting, and stress management. New members receive A1c testing at their first meeting.

What’s your favorite thing about SWD?

“My favorite thing about SWD is the connection to diabetes companies who are interested in supporting the diabetes community.”

Describe what kind of events your chapter hosts. 

“The UF chapter has group meetings throughout the semester, normally at a cool place to eat in town. We also get together for socials, fundraisers, and even recently hosted our own exercising with diabetes event.”

What is the greatest thing diabetes has taught you? 

“Diabetes has taught me great discipline and humility. It has also taught me great planning skills and time management strategies.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a chapter of SWD?

“Be persistent! Diabetes can be viewed as an “invisible disease” so it may be difficult at first to find new members. They do exist and most will be willing to join the cause!”


unnamedBecome a Member!

If you have an interest in participating, just learning more about the program, or if you are already a member and your contact information changes, please fill out the Type 1 Membership Form (Coming Soon!) and we will be in touch!

The UF Chapter of Students with Diabetes wants to:

  • Simplify life with diabetes
  • Give you the knowledge and tools you’ll need to succeed
  • Help you build connections with others

Like our Facebook page for all of the latest information and updates! Please join us for our upcoming meetings – anyone is welcome to attend!


» Students with Diabetes
» American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Basics, Type 1
» Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
» North Florida Chapter of JDRF


Phone: 352-265-8548
Parent website: http://studentswithdiabetes.health.usf.edu/