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Diabetes at School

Managing diabetes at school or in the day care setting takes a team that includes the child with diabetes, the parents, the care provider, and school personnel. All students should work with their care provider to complete a Diabetes Medical Management Plan.

Please contact our clinic at 352-334-1390 prior to the start of school to make sure this plan is completed and signed by your child’s care provider.

We also recommend that you schedule meeting with your school to make sure your child’s teacher and other staff members understand diabetes and how to help your child manage diabetes at school if he or she can’t do so independently. Your school might refer to this as a “504 meeting.” If possible, try to schedule this meeting before the school year begins.

There are also some excellent resources available to you from the American Diabetes Association (ADA),   the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), and the National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP). These include:


Keeping Kids with Diabetes Safe at School
Here you will find the information you need to know about keeping children with diabetes safe at school. A recorded Webinar presentation focusing on the ADA’s “Safe at School Campaign”, challenges facing students with diabetes, Federal and State laws regarding diabetes, developing a 504 plan and strategies to overcome challenges, and additional educational resources.

Your School and Your Rights
Where can you turn if you feel you have been treated unfairly due to your diabetes? The American Diabetes Association is committed to ending discrimination against children and adults with diabetes. You can be your own best advocate by knowing your rights, understanding the law, and protecting yourself with the appropriate tools and services.

Diabetes Care Tasks at School: School Staff Training
The diabetes health care professional community strongly supports the training of non-medical school personnel to provide supplementary diabetes care in schools. It takes a team effort to ensure a student with diabetes can safely participate in all that school has to offer. Get all the resources your team needs from the American Diabetes Association.



JDRF has something special to provide to adults who have been newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The “T1D Care Kit” is a sling-style bag that includes important resources and information to educate, support, and inspire adults newly diagnosed with T1D. The Bag of Hope is still available for children and teens younger than 16 years of age. For more information, please email


Type 1 Diabetes in School: Vital Resources for Students with Type 1, Their Families, and School Personnel
All students with type 1 diabetes (T1D) need a strong support network at school to help them properly manage their type 1 diabetes on a daily basis. Cultivating good relationships with school staff is key. JDRF has developed resources to support and empower families as they communicate with
school staff throughout the year.


Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed
This comprehensive resource guide developed by the National Diabetes Education Program helps students with diabetes, their health care team, school staff, and parents work together to provide optimal diabetes management in the school setting. To see the full text, please visit their site.



Learn about MyCareConnect, a free internet tool for communicating type 1 diabetes information among parents, school nurses, and health care providers via email and text messages. BlueLoop is the mobile version of MyCareConnect and allows iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch owners the ability to document, store and share diabetes information realtime: blood glucose, carbohydrates, medication (insulin, Lantus, Metformin, etc.), notes and more, enabling you to stay in the loop with a quick and easy process.  Download the free iPhone App today! You can learn more about how MyCareConnect works by watching this video or visiting their Web site.