Type 1 Diabetes Research Fund

The UF Diabetes Institute is a leader in diabetes research. In partnership with the UF College of Medicine and UF Health Shands Hospital, our team of principal investigators and researchers are dedicated to understanding the unique causes of type 1 diabetes and investigate therapies to treat and ultimately cure the disease.

Key to this mission is collaborative research between scientists who work in the laboratory and physicians who work directly with patients. This “bench-to-bedside” model means that scientific findings in the laboratory can be translated into medical treatments with the potential to benefit those who live with diabetes.

With continued philanthropic support, the UF Diabetes Institute hopes to continue learning how to prevent type 1 diabetes by gaining a clearer understanding of the interplay between genetic predisposition and environmental triggers. Our researchers are seeking to test safe, innovative new therapies that might mitigate beta cell destruction and reduce an individual’s dependence on insulin.

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