Take Charge of Your Diabetes

Take Charge of Your Diabetes (TCYD) is an in-depth extension-based, collaborative educational program targeted to adults with Type 2 diabetes. The program is designed to improve blood glucose control and reduce long-term health risks of persons with diabetes by providing the information and motivation they need to adopt positive behavior changes.

Class topics will include information on the types of diabetes, blood glucose monitoring, standards of medical care, medications, cardiovascular disease, nutrition management, carbohydrate counting, physical activity, sick day management, and foot care. Three health assessments (weight and blood pressure measurements) are included.

The “What Is Diabetes” powerpoint discusses the different types of diabetes, risk factors and disease process related to Type 2 diabetes, hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, and management plans for patients. More..

Take Charge of Your Diabetes educational materials are also available through the UF Bookstore. More.

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